Are You Getting Enough Sex

Are You Happy With Your Sex Life

A recent poll carried out in the UK, has revealed some quite unsettling facts – It appears that over half of all married women are dissatisfied with their sex lives.unhappy with sex life

The Poll involved over 4000 couples, and the results are worrying – over 50% of all married women felt they were not getting enough sex – or even other forms of intimacy from their husbands.

It’s Not Just In The UK

The UK is not the only place where women are unhappy, similar studies have been carried out in Australia, the USA and here in Canada, all with similar results.

  • The Poll also revealed that us men are unhappy too, with over 70% of us disappointed with our sex lives or general performance
  • The results of these polls are actually quite serious; many wives admit to have considered whether or not they stay in their marriage because of it.
  • As many as 1 in 4 couples admit to having an affair because of the lack of intimacy at home.

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