Sleeppro Snoring Device Review

Canadas #1 Anti Snoring Device

 Stop Snoring Immediately For Less Than $50

If you or your partner snore, you will know just how this can spoil your sleep patterns, leaving you both feeling jaded, irritable and just plain tired.Sleep-Pro-Best-Anti-Snoring-Mouthpieces-for-2015

Here are of course many products out there that all claim to stop this common problem, but we feel that we have finally found one that actually ticks all the boxes..

The Product Is Called SleepPro

Developed in 1989, SleepPro is a range of anti snoring mouthpieces that help keep your upper airway open, they can almost immediately reduce and in many cases stop all together both snoring and many cases of sleep apnoea.

What Is The SleepPro Device

To give it its correct name, the SleepPro device is a Mandilular Advancement Splint. In the shape of an easy to wear mouthpiece, It works by holding the lower jaw slightly forward, helping to keep the airways open which in turn aids breathing and allowing for a more restful undisturbed sleep for both the snorer and their partner.

The SleepPro Range

SleepPro are the only company to have a choice of devices – there are three in the range that will suit all.

758be467-d637-44ee-bfc4-6485108968b9The SleepPro Standard

  • The perfect way to see if a mouthpiece suits you
  • affordable and comfortable to wear
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Fully customisable using ‘warm and form’ technology
  • Fitted with large breathing holes that improve breathing through both the nose and the mouth

The SleepPro Standard Mouthpiece Costs Just $49.99

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SleepPro Self Fit Adjustable

  • Offers the same benefits as the standard mouthpiece but with more tailored options
  • Up to 7 different options to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness
  • Easily fitted and can be remoulded many times
  • 30 day cash back guarantee – see website for more details

The SleepPro Self Fit Adjustable mouthpiece costs $129.99

Sleep Pro Custom

The optimum in anti snoring technology, this is a custom made mouthpiece that is factory made to offer you the ultimate in anti snoring technology and comfort.

Thinner than the standard mouthpieces, the kit contains a mould and a special putty that you use to take impressions of your teeth/jaw. These are then sent back to the manufacturers who will use these moulds to make a custom mouthpiece that fits your own mouth perfectly.

If you have already tried one of the standard SleepPro mouthpieces and wish to upgrade to the custom model, you will be given a 20% discount off the purchase price.

The SleepPro custom mouthpiece costs £199.99

Other SleepPro Products

Apart from the range of mouth trays, SleepPro also offer something for the sleeppro-anti-snoring-mouthpiece-chin-support-strap-3083-446611-1-product‘open mouth snorer’,

Ths is easily rectified by wearing the SleepPro chin support strap, it gently holds the lower jaw, keeping the mouth closed while you sleep

The Chin Strap costs $29.99

Couples That Snore

If you both snore, SleepPro also offer discounts for buying two mouthpieces, or why not order a chin strap and a mouthpiece for the ultimate anti snoring protection.

Where To Buy The SleepPro System

SleepPro sell to snorers worldwide from their official website, orders are shipped across Canada and in fact world wide quickly and discreetly.

Say Goodbye To Snoring And Hello To A Peaceful Nights Sleep

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