Causes Of Male Baldness

Why Am I Losing My Hair

Over 90% of all cases of male hair loss in Canada is due to a condition called male Pattern baldness (correct name Androgenetic Alopecia), the remaining 10% being linked to stress, lifestyle and adverse reactions to medications.

How To Identify Male Pattern Baldness

This problem is simple to diagnose as it always follows a pretty predictable pattern of stages. At first the hairline begins to recede, usually starting at the brow and temples, it also begins to get thinner at the crown area, usually leaving the sides and back of the head with good hair growth.


Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

This is caused by male hormones called Androgens and the effect they have on the hair producing follicles. Often a genetic problem, it occurs when the hormone testosterone is changed into a compound called DHT( Dihydrotestosterone). This attacks the hair follicles, reducing hair production which eventually shuts down all together.

Hair Growth experts are still confounded to this day as to why its only the hair follicles at the front and top of the head are affected by DHT.

 Is Male Hair Loss Genetic

There is every chance that if male members of your direct family have lost their hair that you will follow suit. It is not the case 100% of the time, but highly likely. Age, and general health will also have a marked effect on hair loss.

Can Male Hair Loss Be Treated

Recent developments in the treatment of hair loss means that now you don’t have to sit back and accept the fact that you are losing your hair. There are now some proven ways to reduce hair loss and even promote effective hair regrowth.

By boosting blood flow to the follicles and lowering the levels of DHT, secondary hair growth has been encouraged, reversing the effects of male pattern baldness.

Does This Mean I Wont Need Expensive Hair Transplant Proceduresprofollica

Many men do decide to go down this route, and many find the treatments highly successful. They do however come at a high financial cost. There are some truly effective non surgical treatments that have been proven to reduce levels of the harmful DHT and help regenerate hair growth from areas that usually lose their hair, without the pain and expense of surgery.

One such treatment is called Profollica, originating in the USA it has now crossed the border and is available to buyers from Canada. It offers a proven, non surgical method of reversing male pattern baldness at minimal cost.

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