Causes Of Man Boobs

What Causes Gynaecomastia (Man Boobs)


Gynaecomastia is a problem that can effect men of all ages, more commonly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ it is a hormonal problem caused by the development of excess breast tissue both around and under the nipples.

Although commonly occurring during puberty, it can develop at any time.

Those suffering from gynaecomastia often have rather feminine looking breasts, something that is a great source of embarrassment for the sufferer.

When the problem comes on during puberty, it can often disappear on its own as the hormones regulate with age, it is more a problem when it develops in men who are post puberty.

Quite often they are the result of an issue with the pituitary gland that secrets irregular amounts of hormones, throwing the system out of balance and promoting the growth of excess breast tissue.

Man boobs are not a product of being over-weight, in fact many sufferers are slim fit men.

        Man Boobs Are Not Caused By Being Overweight

 False Gynaecomastia

 Some men have excess fat on their chests that can give the impression of breasts, this is called false gynaecomastia and is a direct symptom of being overweight.

This excess can only be reduced by taking exercise and dieting to lose weight.

 Gynaecomastia Treatments

Treatments for man boobs are available, more severe cases may sometimes require surgery to remove the excess tissue, although instantly effective this can however leave the patient with other issues such as scarring and pain, and there is always the risk of the problem returning if the root cause is left untreated.

There have been great steps forward in the treatment of gynaecomastia by non-surgical means, various products involving creams and oral supplements have been developed that work to redress the hormone imbalances and help to reduce the fatty tissue naturally

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