Facelift Gym For Men

Facelift Gym – Now Also For Men

Exercise Your Under Eye Area – How To Get Rid Of Tired Ageing Eyes And Reduce Under Eye Puffiness In 3-4 Weeks

It is not just women that suffer from tired baggy under eye problems…Men are flg-mjust as likely to experience puffiness and dark circles.

When you start to age the skin under the eye starts to lose vital blood flow and in turn begins to develop fatty deposits.  These cause the bags and dark circles that we all can suffer from.

Its not a good look but don’t worry there is help at hand.

A month ago, We were given a new and really unusual product to try which is designed to rejuvenate the under eye area by stimulated the muscles to boost blood flow and reduce the bags and puffiness that gives our eyes that tired look. – It is called Facelift Gym

No creams or serums with this innovative product just micro vibrations and electrical impulses.  No mess and easy to use.

cat-flg-mFacelift Gym was devised in the same way Slendertone, a well known and effective way to help tighten muscles in the abdomen, arms and legs.  Women and men have been using this method to help tone muscles successfully for years.

Facelift Gym does just that but for the eye area.

Did You Know?

There are over 70 muscles in and around the facial area and they all need to be exercised to keep toned. It is not just women that feel the effects of aging when they look in the mirror.

Tired baggy eyes are a sure fire way to make you look older.

You apply Facelift Gym to both eyes and they get to work by stimulating each muscle to increase blood flow and by doing this encourage fatty deposits to disperse and tighten and tone the skin under the eye.  If you suffer from dark circles they will also noticeable reduce.

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Facelift Gym make each muscle contract and expand just like any repetitive weight training you would use on the body.  When you think about it our faces get virtually no exercise day to day.

All though it was originally developed for women, Facelift gym have devices specifically designed for Men

How To Use

Just click the devices on to the adhesive eye pads included(there are several sets in each pack), turn them on and stick under the eyes – there are various settings so you vary the treatment to what suits you.

There are written instructions in the pack.

The official website has a ‘how to use’ video which is definitely worth watching with clear and informative information.

Watch The Video Now:

Media Interest

Facelift Gym has been featured in magazines worldwide and has been given great reviews for effectiveness and results.

Our Verdict

We were curious, will these work ?.

After using them 3 times the first week we noticed the under eye area was tighter, after a further 2 weeks the bags were less noticeable. One thing we have to say that you can really feel the muscles working.

This is not going to work instantly but if you keep at it for 3 – 4 weeks the results are there – you can see the pictures below:

The eyes definitely look tighter and less tired. Unlike a lot of creams and lotions the results do last.



We say Facelift Gym is definitely one to try.

The Makers Recommend using Facelift Gym 3 times a week for the best results

Where To Buy Facelift Gym In Canada

The full range of devices and accessories is available to buyers worldwide directly from the official website. orders are fully guaranteed – you can return within 14 days if unhappy with the initial results.

Order are shipped across Canada securely and quickly

Prices for the kits start at $59.90

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