Foods That Harm Fertility

Could Dairy Products Make Me Infertile

Studies at Harvard University in the USA have been looking at the effects that s-img-2015-01-13-1421138289-impotence5certain food stuffs have on male fertility. Most recently these studies have centered on Full Fat Dairy products.

The results have been worrying, it has been determined that men, especially ones in their younger years could be reducing their chances of fathering children by eating just three portions of full fat dairy each day.

Research has shown that men who eat full fat dairy have reduced sperm quality when compared to those men who avoid it all together or eat less than three portions per day.

The Cause Is Thought To be The Presence Of Female Hormone Estrogen That Is Naturally Found In Milk.

Until recently any research in the effects of foods on fertility has focused on women, this is the first in depth study on men, and has shown that their lifestyle, in particular their diets can play a major part in ensuring their fertility.

The men studied were aged between 19 and 25, they were all in good health and fit, exercising regularly. None were overweight.

The motility and quality of their sperm was assessed.


spermResearchers discovered that those who eat at least three portions of full fat dairy products daily  produced sperm that was less mobile and up to 25% reduced quality when compared to those who eat less or no full fat dairy products.

The scientist in charge of the study – Myriam Afeiche told us that the likely cause was the natural presence of the female hormone Estrogen, and that this along with the presence of environmental pollutants could be reducing the male fertility.

The effects of dairy products has been studied before, but this is the first full study that has focused on its effects on men.

In the UK, the study met with skepticism from the British Fertility Society, a Dr Allan Pacey hit back saying that although excess amounts of dairy could possibly reduce fertility, he sees no reason for it to stop men becoming fathers.

Research Into This Issues Continues……

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