Foods That Improve Erections

Erection Boosting Foods

 Recent research by the International ‘Journal Of Sexual Medicine’ has looked into the effects of certain foodstuffs have on our sex drive, and in particular our ability to both get and retain good strong erections.3 nuts and kernel high res

The latest study was carried out in Turkey and centred around Pistachio Nuts.

A number of health men were given 100gms (a cup full) of pistachio nuts to eat everyday at lunchtime for a period of three weeks.

After the three week period, the results were examined and found to be conclusive. Virtually all the test subjects reported a 50% increase in sexual function when compared to pre test results.

Most men also reported back that they experienced improved satisfaction during intercourse and ejaculation.

Blood flow to the subjects penises was monitored and an average increase amounting to 22% was reported.

Resulting Information

This has proved that Pistachio nuts contain something that helps to boost blood flow to the penis – crucial for strong long lasting erections.

The compound discovered in Pistachio nuts is a natural amino acid called L-Arginine, this is proven to raise the levels of nitric oxide in our body. Nitrix oxide helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels, improving blood flow around the body, in particularly to the extremities including the penis.

Obviously eating daily doses of pistachio nuts will not be possible for all, especially those with nut allergies.

Other Sources Of L-Arginine

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