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One of lives most embarrassing problems is gynaecomastia (man boobs) although not a real threat to our general health, they can make us feel very self conscious and insecure.

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Man boobs can affect any man at any age, it is not reserved for those who are overweight and in fact can affect those men who are young, slim and fit.

 A shocking fact is that around 30% of all Canadian men have Gynaecomastia to varying degrees.

 There hasn’t been too much in the way of available treatments aside from surgical procedures that can be used to treat severe cases. These are invasive cosmetic procedures that cost anywhere from $5000.00 CAD.

Non Surgical Treatment For Gynaecomastia

Apart from the cost of surgery, these procedures can carry all sorts of risks and side effects that include infections, scarring and lengthy recovery periods.

If the gynaecomastia has been caused by hormonal imbalance (the most common cause) the problem has every chance of returning in time unless the imbalance is corrected.

Gynexin – Natural Cure For Gynaecomastia

US Pharmaceutical giants Zudker have studied the problem and after working with countless sufferers have developed a natural, herbal based cure for gynaecomastia.

Their product – Called Gynexin has been found to be highly successful at reducing man boobs in a matter of a few weeks – without side effects.

How Does Gynexin Work

Gynexin works alongside the bodies natural processes to rebalance any hormone imbalance, it targets and reduces the excess adipose tissue that has built up around the mammary glands.

The Formula In Gynexin

The ingredients in Gynexin have been chosen for the way they work in the body to regulate any hormone imbalances and break down the unwanted adipose fat tissue in the breast area.

Slowly yet steadily reducing the look of man boobs, to tighten and firm the chest.

Heres a picture of the ingredient label:

gynexin ingredients

How Fast Does Gynexin Work

Gynexin gets to work quite quickly, within two weeks of use, users will notice a definite firming in the chest area, over the following 2-3 weeks a visible reduction in the man boobs will be apparent.

Just how long the full treatment will take is dependant on the severity of the problem. Users should continue taking Gynexin until the desired results are reached.

The problem should not return after treatment with Gynexin

Where To Buy Gynexin In Canada

gynexin website

The manufacturers sell Gynexin directly from their official website, prices start from $69.95  for a months supply.

This amount is perfect to experience just how effective Gynexin is and is probably sufficient to treat mild cases of Gynaecomastia.

There are some discounted packages available for larger orders.

Orders are shipped across Canada from a central distribution hub, deliveries are quick and discreet.

Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs Naturally NOW!

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