Improve Your Sperm Count

Natural Way To Boost Semen Production


Many men are concerned about the amount of semen they produce during ejaculation, for some they worry about their fertility, for others it’s simply the volume of semen produced that is their main worry.

It’s well documented that the greater the amount of semen produced, the more powerful (and enjoyable) the orgasm.

There are some natural ways in which you can help your body produce more semen and healthier sperm

Exercise – by keeping our body fitter, it functions more effectively

Lose Weight – Keeping to a healthy weight improves our chnaces of producing healthy numbers of sperm.

Eat Well – A healthy diet is crucial for good quantities of semen and healthy sperm, avoiding foods that are processed or with modified ingredients are beneficial to semen production

Drink Plenty – its important to keep well hydrated, as it helps to maintain correct fluid levels and flushes any potentially harmful toxins from the body.

Reduce Smoking and Alcohol Consumption – It’s a medical fact that non smokers and those who do not drink, tend to have better quantities and quality of semen.

Avoid Heat – keep your baths on the cooler side; avoid saunas and jacuzzi’s as the excess heat can damage semen production.

Masturbation – although a totally acceptable and natural process, if carried out too regularly, it will have a detrimental effect on the amount and quality of semen –

Experts tell us that ejaculating every three days is acceptable, any more frequently could affect the quality of the sperm and the volume of the semen.

Natural Supplements That Boost Semen Volume

 There are some good natural supplements available that are formulated to help increase levels of healthy semen.

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One product that comes highly recommended is Semenax – a totally 100% naturally formulated supplement that has been proven to boost semen levels by up to 500%.

Semenax uses a mix of proven nutrients that include L-arginine, Pomegranate, Zinc and Mucuna Pruriens. All are proven to naturally enrich the hormone balance responsible for health semen production.

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