Male Acne Causes

Causes Of Male Adult Acne

A survey carried out nationwide has revealed that 80% of adult males will suffer from varying degrees of adult acneacne_small

Although mainly affecting the younger adult, it can (and does) affect men of all ages.

This is known as late onset acne and can affect men up to and well into their forties.

Adult acne can affect both men and women, for women it’s often associated with hormonal changes, (puberty, pregnancy and menopause) Men can often suffer from longer lasting, more extreme cases of acne, and it is they who are less likely to seek medical help or advice on the problem.

Causes Of Acne In Adult Men

Acne can be caused in adult men by skin irritation and in some cases, excess levels of testosterone. Increased levels of testosterone can cause the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum, this can cause the pores to block, trapping dirt and causing the bacteria that brings on acne.

Different Types Of Acne

  • Adolescent Acne
  • Keloid Acne
  • Drug Induced Acne – Reactions to medication
  • Occupational Acne – exposure to chemicals etc in the workplace
  • Cosmetic Induced Acne – reactions to creams and cosmetic products

Cure For Adult Acne

In cases where the acne has been brought on by exposure to outside influences or drugs etc, it should disappear once exposure has been reduced or preferably stopped. In the case of reactions to medication, it’s best to consult your doctor, who can suggest alternative treatments.

clearpores_pkg_complete_mdMost types of acne can benefit from the use of a specialized acne treatment; there are of course many good products available to buy.

One such product that comes highly recommended for the treatment of adult acne is the system made by US based Clearpores.

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