Mind Lab Pro Review – Where To Buy In Canada

Mind Lab Pro Review – Where To Buy In Canada

Is This The Best Nootropic In Canada?


man-thinking1Most of us at some time or another find our memory letting us down.  Forgetting where we have put things, remembering events, completing everyday tasks effortlessly becoming more and more difficult to achieve…

Mind Lab Pro Could Improve All Of The Above

Opti Nutra are renowned supplement specialists who have scientifically developed and clinically proven that Mind Lab Pro really does boost the memory.  It is fast becoming the best nootropic supplement on the market today.

Mind Lab Pro can:


What Is Mind Lab Pro

2015-08-29-11-20-53-768x1024After many years of research the people at Opti Nutra have formulated a completely safe, natural way to improve the brain’s function and health..  Wouldn’t we all like that bit of extra brain power to get us to where we want to be.

Age is just a number, we can improve our brain function at any stage of our lives.

STUDY .. In such a competitive world we are expected to achieve the highest grades at school, college or university.  MLP has shown that you can achieve greater results by improving memory and helping the user to retain more knowledge, making learning so much more effective. Exams are the single most stressful time in any students life, MLP can boost your ability to retain more information and therefore help you to reach your full potential.

WORK ..  Probably the most stressful time is when you are expected to reach important deadlines, make snap decisions or are called upon to solve problems

SPORT..  If you are a workout addict or play regular sports, MPL can help you to focus on your game and give you the ability to be the best at whatever you do.. That winning streak could be just around the corner.

Boosting performance and helping to retain what you already have is what it’s all about.


How It Works

With our everyday environment bombarding us with millions of toxins (known as free radicals), it’s no wonder our mind’s begin to feel the effects.

The natural formula in MLP helps us to fight this by concentrating on two vital points of our brain health and focus.. Toxins and Blood Flow.

MLP is rich in anti oxidants that reduce these toxins.. they invade our blood stream and interfere with our brain health and the function of our cells.  When we improve the blood flow to the brain, the cells throughout our body’s start to repair and we begin to feel better and our cognitive performance is restored.

Our Brain

Thoughtful handsome businessman working in his office

The brain is a complex organ, one which makes us who we are.. It is also the one organ that is pretty much overlooked.  We look after our body, we exercise, we eat healthily, we take care of our appearance.. How many of us actually think about our brain health??

Our brain neutrons start to decrease from the age of 20, a frightening thought.  By the age of 50 many of us are already noticing the effects, possibility with perhaps a slight memory loss.  By our 80’s, we could in fact have lost up to 50% of our brain fibres, leaving us more forgetful and less mentally sharp.

Scientists have looked into this natural decline and their studies have shown that there are about a dozen natural compounds that if used in the correct amounts can have a positive effect on our brain function.  Our focus, memory and concentration can be retained and even enhanced.

There have been dozens and dozens of studies around the world on this subject and the conclusion has been that natural nootropic ingredients DO improve brain function.

The Formula Behind Mind Lab Pro

With extensive research into the ingredients proven to enhance brain power, Mind Lab Pro have formulated a nootropic using 11 of the most effective and clinically proven ingredients, as shown by many experts to be the best natural nootropic available:

Per Serving:

  •   Rhodiola Rosea 50 mg
  •   Vitamin B6 2.5 mg
  •   Vitamin B12 7.5 mcg
  •   Vitamin B9 100mcg
  •   L-Theanine 100mg
  •   Cognition Citicoline 250 mg
  •   Lions Main Mushroom 500mg
  •   Bacopa Monnieri 150 mg
  •   Phospatidylserine (PS) 100mg
  •   Marine Pine Bark Extract 75mg
  •   N-Acetyl-Tyrosine (NALT) 175mg

Each and every ingredient has solid and irrefutable scientific evidence behind it confirming its brain boosting ability….

The capsules are 100% plant based and soy free, so they are suitable for all.

To Take:

Take 2 capsules per day in the morning – to help improve memory, boost concentration, focus and to enhance all round brain health

Users Verdict

The general feeling from users show a very positive yes for Mind Lab Pro.  Users have reported an increase in memory, creativity, problem solving and focus..  Reviews have been from people from every profession, doctors, soldiers, sportsmen and women. They have all been very pleased with the results of using MLP.

Students have reported real improvements in their concentrating abilities, memory recall and confidence with sitting exams.

Sports people all report the taking Mind Lab Pro helps give them that mental edge over their opponents, making that crucial difference between winning and losing..

Side Effects

None have been reported

Where Can I Buy MLP in Canada

You can order MLP directly from the official website (mindlabpro.com)

With Discreet and Secure shipping – A months supply will cost you CA $75.00

There are great offers for larger orders – we recommend for best value buy is the 3 box deal – Buy 3 boxes and get a 4th box free Plus Free Worldwide Shipping.. This will cost CA $187.50

Fully Guaranteed Resultsmlp-2-1024x600

If you try MLP and it doesn’t work for you after using as directed for 30 days, you can return your purchase for a full refund.

Our Thoughts


Do you feel you could be sharper, more alert and want to be on top of your game..  Whether you are young or old.. Improve your brain power.  Try Mind Lab Pro, we feel it’s the best Nootropic supplement on the market today.

Click Here To Learn More About Mind Lab Pro and Place Your Secure Order At The Official Website


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