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Mint Cosmetics Now Available In Canada

What Is Said To Be The Fastest Working Teeth Whitening Kit Is Now Available In Canada – Read On To Discover What Makes The Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Kit Different

The choice for those looking to whiten their teeth at home has never been mint_cosmetics_ukgreater, so it takes something rather different these days to stand out from the crowd.

Mint Cosmetics have done just that, the UK based teeth whitening specialists have just gone global with their quality home teeth whitening kit, with full distribution now in place all across Canada, buyers across the Country can enjoy the benefits of what has been called the fastest acting home whitening kit currently available to buy anywhere.

What Makes The Mint Kit Different?

The key to any good teeth whitening kit is the whitening gel, most kits use a gel called carbamide peroxide, this is usually considered to be effective at teeth whitening, the kit supplied by Mint uses a gel previously reserved for dental surgeries – 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Proven to be 400% faster than conventional gels, 6% hydrogen peroxide will whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in just 14 days – What is more, an immediate improvement in whiteness is usually visible after the first 30 minute application.

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Is The Gel Safe

Yes at 6%, the gel is at an FDA approved strength, it has not been known to cause any of the  uncomfortable sensitivity that can be caused by stronger gels (that are now in fact illegal in many countries)

What Is In The Kit

Each Mint Cosmetics Kit provides the user with everything they need to whiten their teeth by up to 11 shades in 14 days.

The kit contains:

  • 4 syringes of 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel
  • 3 customisable teeth trays (pair and a spare tray)
  • Carry/storage case for the trays
  • Whiteness Chart – helps you to monitor your progress
  • Applicator
  • Instruction leaflet and DVD

mint-cosmetics-006Bonus Item – The kits are also supplied with a free Mint Cosmetics whitening pen – handy and convenient, the pen is filled with the same gel as the main kit.

Simply apply to the teeth wherever and whenever you need to top up your whiteness – perfect to keep in your briefcase or bedside table/office desk.

Where To Buy Mint Teeth Whitening

Buyers across Canada and USA can order direct from Mint, orders are shipped from regional distribution centers, and are sent swiftly and securely.

The Mint kit can currently be ordered for just $59.99 inc shipping, this is a mere fraction of the cost of professional teeth whitening services that can start at $300 +

Mint also provide a 28 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should you be dissatisfied with the results

Dont Delay – Order The Fastest Working Teeth Whitening Kit Available Today

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