Mulondo Mondia Whitei Review

Mulondo Mondia Whitei : Could This Be The Best All Round T-Booster And Aphrodisiac?


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My search for the best T-booster has never wavered.

I have (as regular visitors to this website know) my favourite products, but never wanting to rest, I am always on the look out for anything that is possibly better, and more effective.

As someone who has experienced low T first hand, its effects are not pleasant and if I can discover and recommend something that will help my readers then my job is done.

I always like uncovering new products that offer promise.

Today I want to tell you all about an exciting product that uses a natural extract that until quite recently was relatively unknown in the western world.

It is one that has been totally conclusive in clinical trials for its ability to boost testosterone, improve libido and overall sexual performance.

The product is called Mulondo Mondia Whitei and it is made and supplied by US based Timeless Botanicals

Native to the tropical parts of Africa, the key ingredient is Mondia Whitei, a naturally occurring plant that has been used by native tribal cultures to boost fertility, libido and erection problems.

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Working predominantly by boosting testosterone, it provides an aphrodisiac effect, improving sex drive, energy levels, focus and boosts sperm motility.

With increased testosterone comes the ability to increase muscle tone and mass too.

The Formula In Mulondo Mondia Whitei

The product contains just one ingredient, each serving contains a pure extract of Mondia Whitei at 600mg per each 2 capsule serving.

The makers are recognised for their safe natural ethics..

They do not use any unnatural fillers or additives. the extract used is completely pure.

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How To Take Mulondo Mondia Whitei

The suggested dose is 2 capsules per day (taking 600mg) the amount can be increased up to 4 capsules per day if required.

Users Feedback

The clinical studies are REALLY positive with results from studies, tests and trials under scientific conditions returning noticeable improvements in testosterone levels.

They reveal that increases in muscle tone, libido, sexual desire and energy are being reported by the research scientists.

These claims are being repeated by numerous users worldwide.

Men of all ages are reporting some noticeable improvements in their sexual responses, erection strength and performance. increased energy, levels, muscle mass and tone are another three benefits being reported .

It has some other benefits too, some users have told us that it has helped to reduce high blood pressure.

Sample review:

Mulondo mondia testimonial

Any Reported Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any problems either from the studies or from independent users.

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Were To Buy Mulondo Mondia Whitei

You can order direct from the makers at

A bottle containing 28 days supply will cost you $59.99

Buying 2 bottles will cost you $109.99 – saving you $10.99

Cash Back Guarantee?

There is no guarantee offered currently.

My Thoughts On Mulondo Mondia Whitei

I have never before found an ingredient that has passed so many clinical trials with an almost 100% pass rate.

Timeless Botanicals have harnessed the proven natural power of Mondia Whitei and have delivered a clinically proven product that will naturally enhance testosterone production, boosting libido, muscle mass and energy levels.

I am really surprised that many other manufacturers have not already picked up on it already.

I am sure that it will not be long before we start to see it appear in other products too.

This one is certainly worth checking out, the scientific results all speak for themselves.

It is a first class T- booster, it will help promote not just muscle tone, it will enhance sex drive and performance, and help increase energy levels and boost focus too.

Just what many of us have been looking for!!

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