Causes Of Impotence

What Has Caused My Impotence?


If you are unlucky enough to be one of the countless men across the world who suffer from impotence, you should known that you are not alone.

When dealing with impotence, it is important to find out what is causing the problem so you can plan just how to deal with it

Causes Of Impotence can vary, and range from physical issues, psychological problems and general lifestyle

It has only been in recent years that the medical profession have accepted that impotence can be caused by physical issues, beforehand the general opinion that impotence was in most cases likely to be caused by emotional or phsychological reasons.

It is now accepted that around 70% of all cases of impotence are caused by physical issues.

Physically Induced Impotence Can Be Caused By

  • Depleted Testosterone levels – often more common in the older man, the levels of this most crucial male hormone can deplete with age, leading to a reduction in libido and erection function
  • Injury – Damage or injury to the body, in particular the groin and pelvic area can create nerve damage that can restrict the ability to achieve an erection
  • Medication – Some drugs including those given for blood pressure, angina and depression along with some antihistamines and appetite suppressants can all have varied effect on the male libido
  • Reduced Blood Flow – The single and main cause for reduced erection capability (and actually the easiest one to treat) it can be caused my a manner of things including smoking and drinking. Improve the blood flow, improve the erection – its that simple.
  • Psychological Causes – The second biggest cause or erection problems, stress, nerves and worry along with feelings of guilt, anger and fear are common causes of impotence
  • Lifestyle – Smoking, drugs and drinking can all contribute to reduced erectile function. Being overweight can also be linked to erection problems

smoking-impotenceHow Can We Improve Our Erections

 The first thing to do is identify the cause of the problem, if your lifestyle is excessive, try to reduce the amount you drink and smoke, if you feel that the problem is caused by medication or psychological reasons, its always best to discuss the problem with your doctor.

Most partners are really understanding, if the problem persists, don’t be afraid to talk openly about it with them, keeping your fears to your self, will only make the problem worse – and it will not go away.

Try and build in time to relax, don’t look at sex as a chore or a duty, try and enjoy it. In most cases your performance will usuallyreturn to usual level.

Drug and Drug Free Treatments For Impotence

If you do feel that you need help with improving your performance and erection, there are a wide range of drugs and other treatments that can help, doctors will often prescribe drug based products that include Viagra or Levitra.

There are also some truly effective natural alternatives to these prescription drugs that unlike the likes of Viagra do not cause any potentially nasty side effects and yet provide similar effects and benefits

 Find Out More About Natural Remedies For Impotence

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