Recommended Gynaecomastia Treatment Plan

How To Reduce Man Boobs In Just 12 Weeks


If you are one of thousands of men worldwide who are suffering from gynaecomastia (aka man boobs) you no doubt spend most of your time hiding the problem under baggy, unflattering clothes and possibly shying away from the locker room and even personal, intimate encounters.

With surgery being an extreme, and expensive ( let alone risky) option, its refreshing to discover that a Canadian company have developed a unique, natural treatment that will ( in 99% of cases) reduce Gynaecomastia in around 12 weeks.

Canada based Zudker are the people behind Gynexin – a unique and specially formulated supplement that helps to target and reduce the excess fatty breast tissue that causes the appearance of man boobs.

By using it daily along with its two sister products – Korexin and Gynexol it can literally clear your man boobs in around 12 weeks.

With surgical means costing around $4-5000, the Gynexin treatment plan will cost less that 7% of the cost of surgery – and with no side effects and a cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should it be unsuccessful .

The Ultimate Gynaecomastia Treatment Plan

Stage 1


It’s recommended that you take Gynexin for the full 12 weeks. Just two gynexin-bottlecapsules a day will help rebalance the hormonal irregularity that causes the problem.

By targeting the excess adipose breast tissue, the appearance of ther man boobs is steadily reduced, leaving the chest looking tight and firm.

During the first 4 weeks of the treatment, we recommend that you also take Korexin

korexinthis sister product to Gynexin is full of essential fatty acids that help to encourage the fat burning process, quickly reducing the fatty deposits that cause the problem.

This forms the main part of the treatment plan and costs just $213.85 for the 12 weeks supply of gynexin and the 4 week supply of Korexin.

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 Stage 2

To help maximise the results, during the last month ( weeks 8-12) it is Buy-Gynexolsuggested that you also use Gynexol.

This is a specially formulated chest sculpting cream that when topically applied to the chest area helps to tighten and firm the male breast tissue, working alongside Gynexin and Korexin to provide you with that firm, manly chest that you have desired for so long.

Gynexol costs $79.00 for a 4 week supply.

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The Total Cost Of This Suggested Treatment PLan Works Out At $313.85 – Around 7% of the cost of surgery

Whats More

Zudker give a full cash back guarantee on all orders – if this treatment plan doesn’t work for you after using as directed, you can claim a refund – see their product websites for t&c’s

What Have You Got To Lose – Apart From Your Man Boobs!

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