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Benefits Of Testosterone Treatments

Recent media reports coming from the UK have been detailing a recent US 7838868604_b2ef5cbef9_nstudy that followed the effects that increased testosterone levels had on middle aged men.

The men studied were all suffering with low levels of testosterone – a condition called Hypogonadism that can have some quite debilitating effects on a mans life – interfering with sleep patterns, moods and sex drive.

The Study Itself

During the study, the men were given a series of 5 injections that triggered an increase in testosterone levels; they all reported back that their fitness levels and sex drive had drastically improved, and that their moods and the ability to concentrate and think had also been boosted.

This study was especially focused on those men who suffer from extreme testosterone deficiency, however doctors believe that these results could open the door to helping a much wider number of men who suffer a typical drop in testosterone levels as they get older – a typical problem that can affect men as they approach 50 years old.

Testosterone is the main male hormone, it is produced by the testicles and ischeck-it-out-wiht-your-doctor-if-you-are-suffering-from-testosterone-deficiency_9responsible for far more than just sex drive, its effects control moods, muscle bulk and body fat levels along with many other aspects of general health.

When he is at his peak, an average man’s testosterone level should be around 12nmol/l or perhaps higher, men who are suffering from Hypadgonadism record readings of 8nmol/l or less.

It is the men that record levels of between these two extremes that could actually benefit the most from this study, if they are able to increase their testosterone levels to those of their youth, they will benefit from a far improved sex drive, along with leaner muscle and reduced body fat .

Testosterone Treatments

Testosterone treatments can help to reduce bad cholesterol levels and control blood pressure, often men who suffer from extreme testosterone deficiency have the symptoms of a ‘grumpy old man’ that can include irritability, erection problems, weight gain, sleeplessness, glucose intolerance and even heart problems.

Are These Testosterone Treatments Available

The injections trialled in the studies are still very much in the research stage. And it could be some time before testosterone injections are legally available.

The use of testosterone supplements especially in the sports and body building environments have been found to be highly beneficial. These natural based supplements encourage the body to increase production of its own testosterone to boost a flagging sex drive as well as reduce body fat and firm and tone muscle mass.

2014-07-29-10.36.36-225x300They are not however, just limited to being used by bodybuilders and sportsmen, they are every bit as effective on any man who is suffering from reduced testosterone levels..

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