The Key To A 6 Pack Set Of Abs

The Key To A 6 Pack Set Of Abs

How To Get That 6 Pack

Having a toned 6 pack set of abs is the epitome of a well honed fit man ( or women for that matter), but having a 6 pack isn’t just due to the amount of stomach exercises that you do.

Its not just exercise although that part is crucial, its the % levels of body fat six-pack-absthat play a far more important part.

We have all seen that super skinny guy with that amazing set of abs, and you know for a fact that he does not go to the gym… so how does he does it??

He probably hasn’t done anything… if he is skinny he has a low % of body fat, something that is crucial for a stunning 6 pack.

What Body Fat % Do I Need For That 6 Pack Set Of Abs

To get that 6 pack that you desire, you will need to reduce your body fat content. Knowing just how much will give you a target to aim for.

It can and does vary from person to person, but as an approximate guide, here is what you will need to achieve to get that 6 pack that you desire:

Men – You will need to get your body fat % down to single figures – 9% minium

Women – Aim for between 10 and 15%

Keeping Your Six Pack

Its not easy keeping your six pack, it does take work and a careful diet. This is why many bodybuilders do not keep their abs in tip top condition all year round. Their workouts and diets change depending on the time of year, varying from intense workouts and structured diets in the summer to less intensive regimes in the colder winter months.

2014-10-29 19.53.38Reduced body fat is also a result of increased testosterone production, this is another reason why so many athletes and bodybuilders use natural testosterone boosters to help regulate body fat as well as boost strength and muscle mass.

Often as an added and very welcome bonus, those on testosterone boosters also experience a surge in libido as well.

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