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Viasil Male Potency Formula – Does It Really Work?

Impotence – medical name erectile dysfunction (ED) affects million of men globally. Its a problem that effects sexual performance, erection strength and longevity.

One of the main causes is poor lifestyle such as a bad diet, stress, fatigue, poor sleep and in some cases nerves, especially when sleeping with a new partner for the first time. 

There are some other causes too – reduced testosterone production, for instance, is common in men as they start to get older, with testosterone being the key male sex hormone, any shortfall can have a marked effect on a mans sexual ability and fertility.

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Whatever the reason, experiencing ED on a regular basis can have a really detrimental effect on the mans sense of well being, confidence as well as the relationship itself.

Some men are able to control and even improve their problem, by making frantic changes to their lifestyle, by altering their diet, exercising more and trying to reduce the stress in their lives they can reduce the problem and are able to enjoy sex once again. 

For others they find it impossible and of course the more you worry about a problem, the more intense it can become – its a hamster wheel, and if you find yourself on it, its often really difficult to get off.

“Help Is Out There!”

Viasil is one of the best all round, natural treatments for erection problems, its formula has solid clinical evidence behind it that highlights its potency. Furthermore it doesn’t cause any of the harmful side effects so commonly linked to well known prescription drugs.

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What Is Viasil?

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Viasil is an all natural male enhancement supplement made by Swiss Research Labs, a globally recognised supplement manufacturer, they have taken the problem of ED and have turned it on its head, producing a cleverly formulated product that banishes the spectre of erectile dysfunction and giving thousands of men (and their partners) their sex life back again.

Viasil is a vasodilator, this means that it helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels within the penis and surrounding area. This helps to increase the amount of blood that flows into the penis, generating a solid, and longer lasting erection.

There are of course a large number of products that claim to do this, some work really well, while sadly some do not – you have the worry about wether the product is safe, is of good quality or sold by dodgy manufacturers who’s only aim is to line their own pockets with no thought to their customers

There are of course prescription drugs that do the same thing, although to get hold of these you normally have undergo a potentially embarrassing doctors consultation, possibly a physical examination  before the doctor will prescribe you with them.

Viasil is made by a reputable company, they use quality assured ingredients and their product is made in a GMP certified facility.

How Does Viasil Work?

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Viasil is ( as we said above) a vasodilator, it opens the blood vessels, to increase the amount of blood that can flow through them. it also delivers essential Zinc, a natural mineral crucial to erections and fertility

This dilation (opening) is controlled by a compound called Nitric Oxide – its found naturally in the body, but studies have found that its levels are reduced in men suffering with ED. This leads to reduced blood flow and of course weak or even non existent erections.

Viasil helps to boost the levels of nitric oxide, helping it to relax blood vessels and increase the amount of blood flow around the body. the results include harder, more solid erections, longer lasting performance and of course more energy.

Benefits Of Taking Viasil

Viasil Provides its users a number of benefits:

Improves Libido – By improving the blood flow, sexual response is after and more noticeable

Stronger Erections – With increased blood flow comes firmer, longer lasting erections whats more the increase blood flow will actually swell the penis making it look larger while erect.

Increased Stamina – Viasil’s overall effect helps to increase stamina and performance 

Penis Size – Viasil’s blood boosting effects can swell the penis while its erect, it will look ( and feel) longer and thicker until the erection subsides

Boosts General Health – The natural formula in Viasil, includes pomegranate which is a powerful antioxidant, this helps to clear unwanted toxins form the body that cause cellular damage, this can reduce the risk of heart and artery disease

Does Viasil Cause Any Side Effects?

Its natural formula has no recorded side effects or adverse reactions whatsoever. 

All we would add to that is that if you are taking any longer term medication ( such as blood thinners) that you do check with your doctor before taking this or in fact ANY supplement

What Do Users Say About Viasil?

Tens of thousand of men across the world have used Viasil to boost their erection problems and improve their sex life.. Most report great things with improved erections, more staying power and improved ejaculations resulting from their taking Viasil.

Sample testimonials courtesy of Viasil official website

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How Do You Take Viasil?

The manufacturers tell us that to enjoy the benefits of Viasil, that you should take one tablet every day. The effects are quick to take hold, with many users enjoying improved erects and performance within a few days.

Where Can I Buy Viasil In Canada?

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The official website is the only place to buy Viasil, it accepts orders from all countries, and shipping is fast, discreet  and FREE.

In Canada, a box contains 30 pills will cost you CA$ 99.99*

There are some great deals to be had by ordering two or more boxes – our vote for best buy is the 3 box bundle. this will cost you CA$199.99 – a saving of just under CA$100.00


Cash Back Guarantee

Viasil offer a full 100 day cash back guarantee on heir product, This means that if you buy Viasil and it doesn’t deliver for you, then you can request a full refund.


We have reviewed many of these type of products, and we have to say that without any doubt, Viasil is the best product that we have ever tried. 

Its formula is simple, yet very cleverly put together, it gets to work quickly with no adverse side effects – 

If you are having any issues with erections or your performance in the bedroom

Quite frankly, what more would you want?

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