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Gynaecomastia – A Womans View

Our guest writer this week is Donna, a ‘fifty something’ wife and mother of one from Montreal, in this article she tells us her view on Gynaecomastia ( Man Boobs)…

Did you know there are men walking among us hiding a shameful secret!?  Well they shouldn’t be!  This is a subject I knew very little about – until recently that is – a condition called Gynaecomastia.  Probably known only to men suffering from this embarrassing and very upsetting problem.  Being of the opposite sex I thought it was just a symptom of being overweight.  Not so I found after doing some research.

Men have breast tissue but normally it’s minimal and the majority of overweight men have excess fat which does diminish after dropping the pounds.  But for some men this is not the case.  Gynaecomastia or man boobs as it is commonly known is an excess build up of breast tissue caused by a hormone imbalance. It has nothing to do with size and can be very distressing for the men involved.

Wearing loose fitting T Shirts and layering is one of the ways that men tend to hide the problem(not a strong enough word really) and in some cases men shy away from intimacy.

Let’s face it not the most attractive asset a man can have and to be blunt speaking from a woman’s point of view, ‘why should we have the carte blanche on body issues’.  Whatever gender you are we have insecurities, some trivial and others not so trivial.

What Can Be Done About This?

In extreme cases, surgery is the only option, but this can be expensive, risky (as can any type of invasive surgery) and of course painful.  Finding a sympathetic and well respected surgeon is your first port of call.  Making sure indeed that you actually do suffer with Gynaecomastia.  Remember that in some cases it is excess fat from the extra weight you may have put on.  If it is confirmed that Gynaecomstia is the problem, make sure you research what is best for you.

There are natural alternatives out there and always worth reading up on.  With more choice available now it is sometimes confusing and when it comes down to it, trying different creams and tablets can be expensive and time consuming. I have looked at some of the natural options available and here are 3 that have had some promising results.

The products have been manufactured by Zudker –  a Canadian company that are reputed as world leaders in addressing this little known condition.  The products are said to have best results when used over a 12 week period.

Gynexin – The main treatment – this help to address the hormone imbalance and reduce the gynaecomastia. By taking 2 tables daily, the fatty breast tissue should start to regulate at a normal rate.

Korexin is recommended to be taken in conjunction with Gynexin. This is the sister product to the main treatment and is packed with essential fatty acids that help encourage the natural burning of any excess fatty tissue.

Gynexol is the last part of the puzzle – a tightening cream that helps sculpt and firm the chest to complete the results

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