What Has Made My Teeth Stained

Causes Of Stained Teeth

Our teeth can be stained by many things, the main culprits are however, smoking and drinking dark drinks such as red wine along with coffee and tea.stock-footage-closeup-of-senior-man-drinking-red-wine-against-dark-background

Acidic drinks such as juices and sodas can also cause staining.

How Can I Stop These Drinks Staining My Teeth

The easiest thing to do is to stop drinking them, but this is easier said than done. Drinking through a straw would help protect the front teeth , but if this is not possible then you should always try to rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking.

Other Reasons For Teeth Staining

Some antibiotics are well known to cause teeth staining, of these, the worse ones are minocyline and tetracycline that tend to leave a bluish grey stain on Tetracycline-stainsthe teeth that is quite hard to remove, especially if taken for extended periods.

Other medication including some antihistamines can cause staining. If you are concerned about your medication staining your teeth, speak to your dental surgeon or doctor who may be able suggest a less harmful alternative.

Getting older has a defined effect on our teeth, with age, the enamel becomes thinner and this exposes the yellow under layer called Dentin. Genetics play a big part in just how white or strong your teeth are.

Dark foods and fruits can also cause varying degrees of teeth staining, two such examples are cranberries and soy sauce.

 A rule to remember is:

 If the food or drink is likely to stain your clothes, it will also stain your teeth

 Always rinse your mouth after eating any dark coloured foods

Staining can also be caused by injury to the teeth or after invasive dental procedures such as root canal work

 How To Keep Staining To A Minimum368311

Keeping to a good dental care routine will help, brushing at least twice a day, flossing and making sure that you see a dental surgeon at least twice a year will help maintain your teeth in top condition.

How To Reduce Stains On Teeth

 If regular brushing will not remove the stains, then perhaps you should consider teeth whitening, now a common procedure it usually involves the bleaching of the teeth to remove al the stains, leaving you with nice white teeth

Most Dental surgeries offer this treatment, but costs can be prohibitive, at around $250 CAD upwards, many people just cannot afford the costs involved and start looking for cheaper home based treatments that can whiten their teeth.

Home Treatments

The development of good home teeth whitening kits has made this choice far easier.

smile4youA good kit will provide the same level of cleaning and whitening that you would get at the dental surgery, but with a massive difference in price.

One home teeth whitening kit to look at is the one supplied by Smile4you; originating from the USA over 15 years ago, it was developed by one of their leading dental surgeons and since its launch has fast become one of the best selling kits in the world.

Currently the only kit of its kind to hold FULL FDA approval.

Now available throughout Canada, and sensibly priced at around $49.00 CAD for up to 200 treatments. Smile4you is certainly one to consider.

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