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What Is Alteril

USA made Alteril is the best selling natural sleep aid in the USA, it was developed after 25 years of research and development and is clinically proven to help give suffers of sleeplessness the benefit of good natural sleep without suffering the drowsiness and potential unpleasant side effects associated with prescription based sleeping pills.

100% Natural Formula

Alteril is totally natural, unlike prescription sleeping drugs that can cause drowsiness, along with other potential side effects that can include;

  • Loss of Motor Function
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dependancy
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Risk Of Overdose

Alteril contains a mix of natures most powerful sleeping aids that include

Valerian – Natural sedative that relaxes without causing that ‘hung over’ feeling

Melatonin – Natural hormone that controls your circadian rhythm

L-Tryptophan – Referred to as the Sleep Inducer – it is a natural neuro-transmitter that helps to maintain the body’s production of both Seratonin and Melatonin.both crucial for good relaxing sleep pattern

L-Theanine – Increases the production of relaxing Alpha Brain waves, controlling and reducing stress and anxiety.

alteril_300x250_2Other ingredients include Chamomile (popular natural relaxant) Lemon Balm ( reduces Stress and tension) Hops (Natural Sedative) and Passion Flower (Calms Restlesness)

The Aleril formula is 100% natural and safe, helping users to drift into deep restful sleep that allow them to wake feeing alert and refreshed without any drowsiness or side effects.

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Is Alteril Clinically Proven

The ingredients in Alteril have all been independently tested and evaluated and have been found to be highly effective and safe.

See Alteril website for more information on the tests and trials.

Where To Buy Alteril

Alteril is available to buy across Canada directly from the official website. Orders can be placed securely online, or if you prefer by telephone, fax or regular mail.

Shipping is fast and discreet; all orders are protected by a 60 day cash back guarantee, that assures buyers of a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the results.


Alteril starts at $49.99 for a months supply with some larger packages available at discounted prices.

Limited Bonus Offer

For a limited time, buyers receive the complete Alteril 3 step sleep kit – along with their chosen quantity of Alteril, they will also receive a free supply of Serene Soothing Tea and a Lucid Dreaming CD that both work alongside Alteril to maximise benefits and results. – See website for more details

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