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Aurawave TENS Device Review Canada

 Stop Joint And Muscular Pain With The FDA Cleared Aurawave TENS Machine


What is a TENS Machine

A TENS machine is a portable device that uses ‘Transcutaneus Electric Nerveaura3_grande Stimulation’ (TENS) to stimulate your nerves by transmitting gentle low frequency electrical pulses into your skin.

These pulses ‘block’pain signals from reaching your brain, put in simple terms, the brain registers the slight tingling from the TENS unit and ignores the pain coming from the area.

The process sounds complicated, but is actually really simple and more importantly – if you are a sufferer of Arthritis or other muscle and joint pain – It Works!!

TENS Devices are commonly used in pain clinics and by doctors dealing with pain relief, athletes use them to deal with both pain from injury and even after workouts when their muscles ache.

First Device Available Without Prescription

The Aurawave TENS device is the very first device to be available to buy without prescription, The FDA have cleared the Aurawave device for use at home.

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Benefits Of Aurawave TENS Device

The Only TENS device available to buy without prescription

  • Fully FDA Cleared
  • Available To All – Cheapest Device Available
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Adjustable Output For Variable Pain Relief



The Aurawave is supplied with everything required for effective drug free pain relief.

The kit includes Batteries, Electrodes, and a fully instructional DVD and a comfort belt that enables the device to be worn under your clothes for relief on the move

Customer Testimonials

The official Aurawave website lists a number of testimonials from satisfied users:

Courtesy of the Aurawave Official Website

‘The first time I used the AuraWave, I could not believe what it did to relieve stress. I sit at a computer 12 hours a day in a position that makes my neck and shoulders tense and tight. The AuraWave is incredible at reducing that tightness and can be worn under your shirt so you can have a massage anytime you like during the day.

This item can help all sorts of issues, including circulation problems from sitting too long. It is worth every penny, and we are going to have to get another because my husband keeps stealing mine!’
Lori Finke – Hinckley, Minnesota

‘This is an amazing little device! It has operated as a stand-alone tool in my busy clinic, helping many patients as well as being a great help to me personally!

I would not hesitate to recommend this device to anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining good health! It is the best health return-for-the-dollar that I’ve seen on the market yet!’
Paul Henderson, B.Sc., D.Ac.

Where To Buy Aurawave TENS Device

images-1Aurawave is available to buyers from both Canada and the USA for just $149.99 with free shipping

orders are shipped quickly and discreetly.

Every order is covered by a full one year warranty and a 30 day cash back guarantee.

Stop Your Joint and Muscular Pain In Its Tracks

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