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Phallosan Forte Vacuum Extender Review

Phallosan Forte Penis Enlargement Device Now Available In Canada

ph-glider-packungWhat Is Phallosan Forte,

Phallosan Forte is a penis extending device with a difference, Unlike many devices available today, it does not rely on a mechanical traction force to promote penile growth, instead it uses a powerful, yet painless vacuum.

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Phallosan Forte Will

  • Increase Penis Length By Up To 2″
  • Straighten And Increase Girth By Up To 1″
  • Increase Blood Flow – Boosting Performance
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The device comprises 3 parts; three various sized special condoms that fit over the penis,a pump to draw out the air, creating the vacuum, and a special orthopedic belt that holds the device securely in place.

First the user fits the desired condom over the penis, then attaches the pump to draw all the air out of the condom. This places the length of the penis under a powerful, yet painless vacuum.

The penis is then secured in the belt for the length of the treatment. The special design of the belt ensures that the penis is secure and will not fall out of the device.

This part is crucial, the secret to effective penile enlargement is the amount of time that the device is worn – The More Time Worn = Greater Gains.

The vacuum inside the condom places the penis under a pulling or stretching pressure, this works in exactly the same way that doctors use regular traction to straighten damaged limbs.

The gentle yet permanent pressure gradually causes the internal cells to divide and multiply.

This in turn leads to the gradual production of additional skin cells, muscles and blood vessels which results in increased length and girth.

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How Long Does It Take To Work?

This will totally depend on your aims and how long you wear the device for, initial gains of between 1/2 and 3/4″ are commonplace after just 2 weeks or so.

However to achieve the maximum gains of between 2 and 3″ in length,users need to be prepared to wear the device for at least 4 hours per day over a period of between 4 and 6 months.

The gains In Length and Girth from using Phallosan Forte are permanent

Is It Tried And Tested?

ph-glider-zuggabelPhallosan has been subjected to numerous clinical tests, the most recent being one in Germany. A number of men aged between 18 and 65 used Phallosan over a 6 month period. 

All reported an increase in Length and Girth, as an added bonus, many also reported that their general erection function and sexual performance had improved.

Where Can I Buy Phallosan Forte In Canada And The USA?

Phallosan have full distribution in place, orders are sent out quickly and discreetly.

Delivery is usually made by U.P.S. usually within 2 days of order.

The Phallosan device costs CAD $339.00 plus a small shipping charge.

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