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Profollica Hair Restorer Canada

The USA’s #1 hair regrowth product has now crossed the borders into Canada, and its not a moment too soon – Profollica has long been recognised as the profollica_icon002_300x400.gifleader in hair re-growth products.

What Is Profollica

Profollica is more than other regular scalp cleansing, healing products, it is a formula that has been clinically devised to target and redress the single main reason for male hairloss. – Excess Levels Of Harmful DHT

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What Is DHT

 DHT is a testosterone based compound produced by the body that in excess levels effectively poisons the hair producing follicles. They slowly poison the hair follicles until hair production slows and then eventually stops.

What Does Profollica Do

Profollica works within the body to stop the over production of DHT. Based around a three part system that recreates the correct environment to encourage hair regrowth.

  •  Stage 1 – Reduces the producton of DHT, a daily supplement that feeds the body with a medically approved herbal formula.
  •  Stage 2 – Reduces harmful scalp bacteria, the scalp purifying shampoo helps to eliminate serious scalp problems such as dandruff, oily, itchy hair and psoriasis
  •  Step 3 – The Follicle stimulator encourages fast hair regrowth, simply spray the roots after each shampoo

How Fast Does Profollica Work

Most users report that hair regrowth starts within 25 – 30 days, this fits in with the natural hair growth cycle. After 60 days, results are significantly visible.


How Much Does Profollica Cost

Sold directly from the manufacturer, Profollica costs just $59.95 CAD for a 30 day supply

Our Conclusion

Profollica is an affordable and clinically proven alternative to expensive hair transplant surgeries., furthermore any purchase is ‘risk free’ as Profollica give a full 60 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund if you fail to see any improvement in hair regrowth. – Highly Recommended

Orders are shipped throughout Canada, quickly and discreetly

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