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Size Genetics Review Canada

 If You Are Looking For A Penis Extender That Is Guaranteed To Give Results? Read About Size Genetics To Discover Why Its Rated #1 in 2023

The Size Genetics range of penis extenders originates from Denmark, developed by one of their leading surgeons over 15 years ago. The device was originally developed to help support penises after corrective surgery.


It is also used to help those with small penis syndrome (micro penis), and those suffering with Peyronies Disease

Size Genetics is officially classed as a Type One Medical Device and is used and recommended by surgeons across the globe. It is one of the few products of its kind to be featured on both TV and in national newspapers

Why Choose Size Genetics

  • Clinically Approved Type 1 Medical Device
  • Will Increase Length By Up To 3″
  • Corrects Curvature
  • Boosts Erections And Performance
  • 16 Way Comfort System That Ensures Complete Comfort
  • Used By Doctors Worldwide
  • Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

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How Does Size Genetics Work

Sizegenetics3-300x157The device uses the medically proven principle of traction, exactly as a doctor would use traction to straighten or lengthen a damaged limb; the device places the penis under gentle yet permanent pulling pressure. This causes the internal cells etc to divide, duplicate and reproduce, causing the growth of new skin and blood vessels. This both straightens and increases the length and thickness of the penis.

This method of traction is also used by many tribal cultures, we have all seen the pictures of men (and women) with elongated lips, ears and necks.

Yes the device is used and recommended by surgeons worldwide for its safety and effectiveness

 How Long Does It Take To Work

Results will vary depending on your desired gains etc, they will depend on how long the device is worn each day. Visible results are usually apparent after just two weeks, but to achieve maximum gains (up to 3” in length) you need to be prepared to use the device as often as possible for up to 6 months.


Is The Size Genetics Device Comfortable To Wear

The makers have made terrific investment in the design to make sure that they device is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, they have developed a patented 58 way comfort system that provides users with a choice of ways how they can wear the device to ensure complete comfort along with maximum results.

There are some inferior devices out there that just use a silicone loop to secure the head of the penis – These are highly uncomfortable after just a short period of time.

Are The Results Permanent

Any gains in length and/or thickness are permanent.

Is Traction Safe and Painless

 Just How Larger Could I Get With Size Genetics

If used for the maximum period of time, you should expect to see gains from 2-3” in length with an increase in girth commonplace.

Quite recently UK reporter James Mullinger tried the device as research for an article He was writing for GQ magazine and gained ½” in just 14 days


 Penis Health Exercise System

Buying the Size Genetics System also gives the buyer free membership of the world reknowned Penis Health exercise system. Devised from the ancient art of Jelqing, these specially developed exercises help strengthen the penis, improving erection strength and general sexual performance. They take just 8 minutes a day – 3 times a week.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Buy-Size-Genetics-Canada-NowWith the full treatment taking around 6 months, it is crucial to be comfortable with your investment, Size Genetics are aware of this and offer a no quibble 6 month cash back guarantee on all orders. If you fail to see any improvement after using the device as directed, you can return the device for a full refund.

 Where Can I Buy Size Genetics

Due to the ‘taboo’ nature of these kinds of products it is not available in any store, buyers can only buy genuine Size Genetics devices from the official website

Prices start at $206.85 CAD for the basic device, leading up to the Ultimate system costing $412.72 CAD

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