Where To Buy X4 Labs Penis Extender In Canada

Where To Buy X4 Labs Penis Extender In Canada

X4 Labs Penis Extender Review Canada

If you Google ‘penis extender’, you will be faced with a massive list of products that all claim to increase your penis by anything between 2 and 4” in length along with an impressive gain in thickness or girth.

In this list there will be some that work and others that don’t, and its not always easy to know or recognise the good from the bad.


X4 Labs make a penis extending device that actually delivers on its claims, it is one of only a few devices that have official medical approval, and is actually classed as a type one medical device. This assures you that it is built using medical grade materials and is used by doctors around the world.

How Does The X4 Lab Extender Work

The X4 Lab extender works by placing the penis under a gentle yet permanent traction (or stretching pressure), this is exactly the same method used by doctors worldwide to straighten and lengthen stunted or damaged limbs. The pressure placed on the penis causes the internal tissue cells to separate, divide and duplicate, this process causes the formation of new, additional skin tissue and blood vessels and effectively adds mass to the penis. –

We have all seen the pictures of natives with stretched necks or longer ear lobes, this is all a result of using the same process.

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Comfortable To Wear

The main issue with many penis devices is that they are uncomfortable to wear, cheap inferior devices tend to use a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis, these can allow the penis to slip out of the device and can get quite uncomfortable after quite a short length of time, limiting the amount that the device can be worn.

The key to effective enlargement is the time spent wearing the device, the longer, the better and faster the results.



X4 labs have developed a hybrid 4 way comfort system that gives users a choice of comfort settings to ensure that the device can be worn for extended periods – this is what has made the X4 device one of the most sought after extenders in the world.

How Large Could I Get By Using The X4 Labs Extender

Results will vary from user to user, but generally you should (if you wear the device as directed) expect to see anything between 2 and 3” increase in length with a visible increase in thickness.

My Penis Is Quite Small – Can I Still Use X4 Labs?

X4 labs are the only manufacturer to actually develop a device for the smaller penis, if you measure between 1”and 4”, you can still use the X4 device, you can order a smaller size support piece that will enable you to use the device and enjoy gains of up to 35%



How Much Is The X4 Labs Device

X4 Labs offer a choice of four packages, the Starter Edition offers value for money and costs from $89.95, The Deluxe Extender costs $189.95, The Best Selling Gold Extender (in 24kt gold) costs $295.95 and the top of the range Premium Extender for $395.95


Fully Guaranteed

All orders are protected by a  lengthy 6 month cash back guarantee – if you are dissatisfied, you can return for a full refund.

Where To Buy X4 Labs Extender In Canada

X4 Labs sell their extenders throughout Canada directly from their official website; orders are shipped throughout Canada and the USA at no extra cost. They do ship worldwide for a small extra shipping charge.

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